Depression is commonly Underrated Condition or Disease!

Yes you heard it right!

If you have a crack in your hand or in your feet, people would tell you to take it seriously and to see a doctor.

but when you are suffering with the mental disorder, people often feel that you are pretending to be in the condition or you are just overthinking.

>> I have seen people telling that -

“ He is in depression as he don’t want to come out of it, he or she keeps on talking that I have this problem, so he is responsible for this condition, he want to stay with it,”!

>> Reaction when you tell them what you are going through:

  1. You have no problem, the only problem you have is “Overthinking”, You are thinking too much that causing you this problem
  2. You have gone mad, sometime I don’t feel and cry on certain occasion, do you mean I have the depression or anhedonia too? Its not buddy!
  3. It’s common with everyone we don’t feel it too, the more you feel and think the more sad you become, hence its good not to feel
  4. I am double of your age, and I have seen the double amount of the disease as compare to your age, there is no such problem like that what you are talking about.
  5. Its happening because you lives alone, It will be fine if you will live with your family

>> Commonly what advise you are going to get with your friends and family

  1. Don’t think that you have this problem
  2. Try to Ignore the problem
  3. Stay Positive
  4. Meet with friends
  5. Eat healthy and exercise and everything will be fine
  6. Things will be fine and reverse with the time
  7. Try to do something that distract you, and focus in something else

Actually if a person is in depression he can’t help himself being a positive thinker, because thinking involves the brain and a lot of chemicals are responsible in the brain to feel positive, but when a person experience depression, his brains ability to create that hormone or chemical went on toss.

Hence your brain doesn’t product the chemical that makes you happy so you can’t help yourself feeling happy in that condition. So people should understand this, but when a person in depression speak how they feel, people response in the way that make him feel weird rather than being comfortable sharing that thing and eventually they feel culprits of their condition because of these unnecessary responses they get from the people.

In the end people isolate themselves, they close all the social interaction, sometime delete all social media channels because that doesn’t make them feel happy as they used to feel happy earlier, and if things favors them they get out of the problem otherwise after suffering from the depression they commit suicide because they no longer can be in the prison that is unwillingly created.

So I would request to all the people to spread some awareness on the mental health, It is as important as physical and financial health.


The Only thing more exhausting than having a mental illness is pretending like you don’t!

If you are also suffering from depression kindly let me know at my instagram : I am looking for some friends who are like me whom I can talk too!

Hope it ends with you!



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Lavi Chaudhry

Lavi Chaudhry

A lost man searching himself in a universe! I am not a professional writer but I love to document my thoughts! Instagram: lavi_chaudhry 😊